Australia’s leading group of PR and marketing agencies expands to three offices with new Brisbane location

Australia’s leading group of PR and marketing agencies, comprising Recognition PR, Outsource, and Write Away Communication + Events, has today opened a new office in Brisbane. This takes the group’s locations to three: one in Sydney’s Circular Quay; one in Meerschaum Vale on the New South Wales north coast; and, now, one in Brisbane’s northern […]

Why time management is the most valuable skill you can learn

Most of us make new year’s resolutions. When we do so, we’re filled with hope, determination, and some excitement. We start the new year with a renewed sense of purpose but, pretty soon, old habits resurface and a few months into the year it becomes harder to have the resolve to stick to our changes. […]

Why great writing is more important than ever

The rise of social media and increased interest in videos and infographics as communication tools means many companies believe the ancient skill of writing is no longer relevant. While that couldn’t be further from the truth, unfortunately, it’s being borne out in the writing skills of new entrants into the workforce. There are fewer skilled […]

Book club: Simon Sinek’s Leaders Eat Last

We all know the difference between feeling safe at work and feeling under threat. We’ve heard the horror stories of managers who like to restructure regularly to keep people uncomfortable, or those who won’t print business cards because it makes employees think they’ll have job security. Any environment where people feel unsafe is likely to […]