Why great writing is more important than ever

The rise of social media and increased interest in videos and infographics as communication tools means many companies believe the ancient skill of writing is no longer relevant. While that couldn’t be further from the truth, unfortunately, it’s being borne out in the writing skills of new entrants into the workforce. There are fewer skilled […]

Book club: Simon Sinek’s Leaders Eat Last

We all know the difference between feeling safe at work and feeling under threat. We’ve heard the horror stories of managers who like to restructure regularly to keep people uncomfortable, or those who won’t print business cards because it makes employees think they’ll have job security. Any environment where people feel unsafe is likely to […]

creating video content

Reach and engage your audience through video

Think about it this way. When someone clicks into your website, they generally decide whether to stay or not in about three seconds. Visual content such as video can keep people interested for longer. If your company isn’t leveraging video on your website or in your marketing and public relations campaigns then you are missing […]

How to build team spirit

How to build team spirit and make your business fun as well as functional

The importance of building a positive team spirit in the work place cannot be understated, so it is no surprise that it is something that most businesses strive for. Of course, not all of them manage to achieve the positive, harmonious, creative, and collaborative environment they crave. Most people who have been in the workforce […]

How to get the results you want in 2017

How to get the results you want in 2017

Our team recently read I don’t have time – 15-minute ways to shape a life you love for our regular book club. This book is particularly relevant in our 24/7 world of connectivity. In particular, it highlighted for us the excuses that come along with this type of connected lifestyle, such as procrastination, delaying, and […]