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Reach and engage your audience through video

Think about it this way. When someone clicks into your website, they generally decide whether to stay or not in about three seconds. Visual content such as video can keep people interested for longer. If your company isn’t leveraging video on your website or in your marketing and public relations campaigns then you are missing out on a huge opportunity to reach and better engage your audience.

In 2015 70 per cent of all content consumed on the internet was video, and this is predicted to increase to 82 per cent by 2020. Research suggests that by 2020 more than 5 million minutes of video will cross the internet each month.

Video is a great form of marketing as it can get into the nitty gritty of your product or message with a highly visual and ‘personable’ outcome. Creating a high quality video is not as expensive as it once was and they are proven to generate sales and leads much more effectively than hard selling and the written word.

Many business owners associate popular video hosting platforms such as YouTube with ‘entertainment’. What they don’t realise is that YouTube is an increasingly popular tool for information seeking. Consumers of all ages will search for ‘how to’ videos, product reviews, and product information.

Five reasons you should use video content in your marketing campaigns:

Increase your brand reach. If you are looking at expanding your business then this could be the key tool to increase recognition and awareness of your brand. Video can help deliver more complex messages through visual communication. It can now be viewed practically anywhere on mobile devices so can reach large audiences quickly. Well thought out interesting video content has the potential to be shared by customers on social media and generate viral interest in your brand or message.

Instantly engage with your audience.
The visual medium of video sustains the interest of viewers and potential customers much more than just simple text. Video can immediately ‘hook’ your audience especially if you stick to the ‘Three E’s of Engagement’ and tell a great story through your video.

Make your brand/message memorable. Video means you can provide short, targeted information about your product or service without your audience feeling like they have been given the ‘hard sell’. Short catchy videos with great sound and visuals are much more memorable than a text-based advert or social media post.

Available 24hrs a day, 365 days a year.
On demand video can be viewed wherever, whenever. It can be rewound, replayed, paused, downloaded and shared with others. If you create a video with content that will stay relevant (evergreen content), the video can be used again and again across as many channels, platforms and marketing campaigns as you like.

Improves SEO rankings. Videos are referred to as ‘sticky’ content which generally more engaging, memorable and more importantly, shareable. Search engines give higher rankings to pages that include sticky content such as videos and images.

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